Math 405: Lie Algebras
Study Guide for Exam 2

The second midterm exam will be given out on Monday, November 13, at the end of class. You will have until the beginning on class on Friday, November 17, to complete this take-home exam.

The following is a list of topics intended to help you organize the material we have covered in class as you study for your exam. It is only intended to serve as a guideline, and may not explicitly mention everything that you need to study. While this exam will emphasize the chapters below, it is cumulative, and will therefore also cover material from earlier sections. Please be sure to review homework and example problems for the relevant chapters.

For this exam, you may use class notes, your old homework sets and the previous exam. You may also consult the chapters we have covered from the reserved textbooks. You may not use any other outside help, including other websites or texts, and you may not discuss the exam or related mathematics with anyone else.

Know definitions, examples and associated theorems for the following topics:

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